I researched the Georgia typeface and created this decorative & informative poster from my findings. I designed the poster to represent the typeface - elegant, classic, legible at small sizes, and easy to read. 
 This informative poster I designed for Uber. Our assignment was to create an informative poster on the mobile world - and I chose to create and work with the mobile app Uber, that is quickly becoming a huge success globally. I used minimal colours to show a classy, and professional design, as well as plenty of contrast to attract the eye. 
 I designed an informative poster for New York, the city where all the amazing business happens, and it's always buzzing about.  I created this poster using shapes to attract the eye. I used Adobe Photoshop to edit the images used in this poster. 
 This assignment was to create a music poster based off of an app or website. I chose Apple Music and designed a classic, retro, and young feel to the poster. Centered around upcoming artists, this poster showcases new albums and highlights the important perks when joining Apple Music. 
 I created this poster as an online interactive donation page for Coca Cola, where one can easily navigate through and donate towards saving the Arctic Polar Bears. I designed the poster using minimal colours, giving the Coca Cola red a chance to stick out and grab the readers attention. Adobe Photoshop was used to edit the image. 
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