Work In Progress of a few cozy characters! Now to add mood lighting & a background. 
 And the finished piece! 
 A portrait of a classmate done in Adobe Photoshop - we were to interview someone we barely know and create an art piece that represents them. This is Alexis, who is bold and beautiful and stands above her city, whether Vancouver or Seoul. The buildings represent these two different places as her home and the working industry she is boldy walking into. The piece is art-deco inspired, by Alexis' love for all things old and vintage. 
 Happy New Year! 
birds - finale.jpg
 An assignment for a Children's Book Illustration class. We were to take a line from the story and illustrate whatever we felt represented the best. Clearly, this was an American story. 
 An assignment to create an illustration for a Children's Book. We were given the story, and created characters and concepts from there. 
library couple.jpg
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