Benny's Bistro is designed to be a quaint, home-style, casual, sit-down place. You'd find your new favourite meal here, at your new favourite affordable price.   I researched small cafe's and bistros to get the look and feel of the classic and somewhat retro appeal to this menu & restaurant. 
 Created in Adobe Illustrator, I wanted to create a classic, home-style feel to the bistro logo. 
 I re-designed the current logo with a bit more of an illustrative flair, giving it a modern yet excentric look. 
 My assignment was to create a new restaurant, and I designed a fine dine Italian Cuisine, Gustoso's, meaning "Tasty" in Italian. Through research of Italy, I found pieces I wanted to portray in my menu and overall feel to the restaurant. I created a romantic, candlie-lit underground wine cellar restaurant, filled with dark wood and old bricks to catch the essence of a rustic wine cellar in Italy.   I created both a dinner menu, " italian dine " and a drinks menu, " house wine " for Gustoso's. Above, is the italian dine dinner 10X10 4 page square menu 
 I designed a corresponding square 7X7 drinks menu. It catches the same emphasis as the dinner menu, with the romantic dark wood and rustic logos.  I changed the logo for both the dinner and drinks menu to fit to that particular piece, below you can see larger images of the logo designs.  
 Gustoso's logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. It catches the essence of the old vintage vibe, with its wine cellar key. Above shows the classic Gustoso logo, while below display the different concepts of the dinner and drinks logo to add an extra spark to the menu. 
 Gustoso Italian Dine dinner menu logo 
 Gustoso House Wine drinks menu logo
 Gustoso Gluten Free logo displayed on the Italian Dine menu beside the corresponding dinner plate. 
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