I created a logo that represents me in all aspects. I designed the simplistic lower case letters to describe my workflow as professional, clean and tidy; the loose scribble around the letters describe my love for sketching and drawing and a sense of my whimsical touch I bring to each piece. 
 Above are lots of thumbnail concept ideas I went through, changing style, width, weight and overall look to finally decide on the final design. 
 Colour concept ideas for the final logo, business card, and stationary pieces. I chose the bottom right to work with for my final logo piece. I loved the neutral calming tone this colour brings, as well as a punch with the shocking white. 
 Final logo placed into mock ups to show potential stationary and business card designs.  
 This was a school project where we had to design a menu based on a restaurant of our choice. My restaurant I created was a fine dine Italian Cuisine named Gustoso's, which means Tasty in Italian. I researched through Italian culture and history, and created an underground wine-cellar inspired restaurant, filled with beautiful wood, old stone bricks and that rustic Italian romantic feel.  This is the main restaurant logo I designed, maintaining the old vintage feel with a wine-cellar key. Below are two adaptations I have created to follow along with this theme. 
 Gustoso's drink menu logo. 
 Gustoso's dinner menu logo. Please check out my Menu designs to see these logos come to life. 
 Gustoso's gluten free logo displayed beside the dinner item inside the menu. 
 I created this classic logo for an assignment on designing our own menu. I created a small, home-style bistro that would welcome in a younger crowd. Check out the full design in my menu design board. 
 An adaptation of the previous diner logo, to give it a little more flair and an illustrated appeal. 
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