I created this horizontal ad to be placed in the Georgia Straight newspaper. I designed this ad with its pipeline illustration to showcase the trouble that India is in for clean water.  I designed the ad to be clean, clear and tidy, to attract attention of the reader. 
 The vertical ad designed for the Georgia Straight. 
 This assignment was to research the Northern Gateway Pipeline and choose a side of where I stand, and create a newspaper ad that would be shown in the Metronews paper.   I designed 4 different sizes of the ad, displaying what it would look like vertically and horizontally. The sizes all fit into the exact specs of the Metronews paper guidelines.   I designed this ad to showcase the negativity of oil spills, as the black contrasts highly with the white and splatters all throughout the design. 
 Vertical ad for the Metronews paper. 
 Horizontal ad for the Metronews paper.
 Square ad for the Metronews paper. 
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