My target audience for this project was young families, specifically the parents. I created a direct mail piece with colourful and cheerful characters to catch the parents' attention and of course, the children's. These would be personally sent out to our target audience. 
 The idea behind the direct mail piece, is to invite these families to my created campaign event.   I designed a "back2school" campaign, where families can come to a picnic in the park. It would be a day of fun and games, with booths of prizes and specialty coupons for parents and kids. 
 This coupon tucked inside the envelope would allow parents to enter a draw and win a chance to receive a free exclusively designed imagine1day backpack filled with new school supplies for their child.  
 imagine1day designed backpacks
 A thank you card would be attached with each purchase made at the event, this allows parents to keep in tabs with the organization. 
 imagine1day exclusively designed school supplies. Every backpack or supply bought at the event, would be matched by the organization and given to a child in need. 
 After concept testing, I designed a weekly coupon that would change vendors every week. This would allow parents to still donate towards the organization, and yet catch their coupon savings.  
 imagine1day website would have an advertisement for the event leading up to the summer campaign. 
 After the event, parents and families can still be involved with imagine1day through their website.  You can donate directly to the organization, donate new school supplies to a child in need, or simply top up on your own child's supplies throughout the year.  Above is where the weekly coupon would be shown online, as well as a calendar reminder for the next family get-together event from imagine1day.
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